Online Support on Your Time

The Truro and Colchester Partnership for Economic Prosperity provides an opportunity for FREE access to an on-demand course that provides proven business strategies, processes and tools to assess your business for sustainability and growth in these challenging times.

In partnership with Symplicity Designs, the Sympli Works online program is for business owners who want to create sustainable strategies for improvement, innovation, and growth in their organization. It provides a mixture of quick educational videos (1-4min in length), helpful lessons and a printable workbook that leverage proven strategic business tools and concepts. The 4-module course can be completed on your own time – at your own pace.

This course is designed to introduce you to need-to-know business practices, and walk you through how to apply that knowledge into action in your business. Finishing this course, you should feel more confident in making strategic decisions as a local business owner.

The Sympli Works course is normally a $600.00 cost, but the Truro & Colchester Partnership for Economic Prosperity is sponsoring FREE access to any small business owner in Truro-Colchester for a limited time so take advantage while you can and complete it on your own time and your own pace!

You can access the platform here.