Grow Your Business

Truro Colchester is constantly investing in itself in an effort to grow the local economy. It’s an exciting time to be a part of this thriving region! We help prospective businesses and entrepreneurs connect with the resources and contacts they need to grow and innovate.

One-on-one Support

Our Business Development Officer, Jason Steele, will meet with your business one-on-one to discuss your business needs, understand your challenges and plan for growth opportunities. We can also help business owners identify barriers to growth and connect them with the people and resources to help them overcome such barriers.

When meeting with Jason, you can expect:

  • Confidentiality of your business information
  • Our devotion to helping you succeed
  • Supports and resources specific to your individual business needs
  • Friendly and professional service

“I look forward to meeting with business owners that drive the economy in our region. It’s exciting to connect new and existing businesses with the support they need to grow and be successful.”

Jason Steele, 
Business Development Officer

Schedule your business’s free one-on-one consultation with Jason