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Welcome to Truro Colchester

Truro Colchester has become a really cool place to live. With every new restaurant, shop, school, community summer event and outdoor concert, it is easier than ever to show the rest of the world why we love living here.

Truro Colchester is the heart of Nova Scotia, and here’s where you’ll find our most “suburban” communities, like Truro, Bible Hill, Valley, Salmon River, Hilden, and Lower Truro/Truro Heights. The Greater Truro Area is home to more than 23,000 residents. 

In Truro Colchester we have access to world-class facilities you would expect in a big city — a $7.8M library, a $50M recreational centre, and a $185M hospital — but you won’t find smog, traffic and high real estate prices. We live in friendly communities with neighbours we can depend on, but plenty of wide-open space to explore and enjoy.

One of the Best Places to Live in Canada

Chatelaine Magazine

Fourth Friendliest Town in Canada


92% are Very Satisfied or Satisfied with Quality of Life

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