Live here and learn why people love it

There’s a reason Truro Colchester’s affectionately known as the hub of Nova Scotia. We have easy access to the rest of the province – not to mention the rest of the Maritimes! – from our central spot right in the heart of the province.

Living in Truro Colchester means you get to experience small-town perks while still having access to important amenities. We asked a number of people why they moved to Truro Colchester, and many said it was because they were tired of the rat-race they experienced living in larger cities.

They said no to long workweeks and yes to the flexibility of leaving a little early to attend their child’s school science fair. They said no to frustrating weekends spent driving hours on errands, and yes to relaxing Saturdays at the farmers’ market and evening bonfires with friends, listening to the spring peeper frogs.

Here in Truro Colchester, we know life’s too short to spend it any other way.

Sports and Recreation

Staying active in Truro Colchester

From jogging the Cobequid Trail on a crisp morning to tackling a cardio workout at the gym or doing a few laps through a nice warm indoor pool, we have plenty of opportunities to stay active here in Truro Colchester.

Healthy living for all ages

There are so many opportunities for kids in Truro Colchester to stay healthy and active! Soccer, rock-climbing, baseball, T-ball, hockey, figure skating, gymnastics, ringette, curling, cheerleading, lacrosse, tennis, track and field, football, swimming, and more. Many programs are available for children as young as three, and there are even special classes for babies and toddlers.

Rath Eastlink Community Centre (RECC)

Includes an aquatic centre with two pools and a 2.5-storey waterslide, a fitness centre with daily classes, an athletic development centre, an indoor 35’ high rock-climbing wall, an NHL-sized ice pad and a walking/jogging track that’s free for public use.

Cougar Dome

An indoor multi-sport facility that includes six full-sized tennis courts, a 15,000 sq. ft. portable synthetic turf surface, a two-lane 260m synthetic track, long and triple jump pits, and a 10-bay golf range. It provides free access to all Chignecto Central Regional Centre for Education students between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m.

Arts & Culture

See the talent in Truro Colchester

Whether you’re in the mood to take in a lively play, concert, fine art exhibit, or dance performance, there’s a local venue ready to welcome you as their guest.

Truro Colchester has a thriving arts community brimming with talented actors, musicians, artists, and dancers. We produce world-class talent and we also host performers from all over the world.

From intimate performances at the historic 200-seat theatre in Downtown Truro and sold-out musicals at the 1,000-seat AV room in the province’s largest high school to big-name concerts in the 3,000-seat stadium of the Rath Eastlink Community Centre (RECC), we prioritize arts and culture in our communities.

Outdoor Adventure

We love to play outside

City-dwellers may spend most of their days cooped up in offices – hoping for a glimpse of sunlight when they take a pedway from one building to another – but that isn’t how we do things here in Truro Colchester.

From hunting and fishing to ATVing, tidal bore rafting and mud-sliding, we love to play out in the fresh air.

Truro Colchester is home a 2,000-acre woodland paradise in the heart of Downtown Truro (Victoria Park) that includes waterfalls and dozens of trails for hiking, snowshoeing, and mountain-biking. We’re also famous for an 18-km walking and cycling trail network through central Colchester County called the Cobequid Trail.

The Cobequid Trail

The Cobequid Trail is an 18-km walking and cycling trail network through central Colchester county. The takes you along a former railway, through Acadian dykelands and farmland, through forests and along brooks, and beside the tidal Salmon River.