Truro Colchester Delivers

Shopping Local is Easier Than Ever

From our stores, to your doors.

Participating Truro Colchester partners want to make your Holiday shopping experience easier than ever. Local organizations in Truro and Colchester have partnered to offer a FREE delivery service to assist local small businesses leading up to the Holidays.

Our intention is to encourage local spending over the holiday season and to entice customers to shop from local small businesses while still receiving the perks of free shipping and door-step delivery.

From November 5th to December 23rd, we will be running a guaranteed same week delivery service that delivers to the doorsteps of residents in Colchester County, Pictou County and East Hants, and to a pick up location in Dartmouth Crossing.

  • Place your order directly with your favourite Truro or Colchester locally owned, small business (or businesses!).  Every store will operate slightly different, so be sure to check out how they are facilitating orders.  Examples include online ordering via a company website, email, social media direct messaging, phone in orders, etc.
  • Orders must be placed no later than 4pm on Wednesday to receive same week delivery.
  • If you live in Colchester County, Pictou County or East Hants, your order will be delivered to your doorstep either Thursday or Friday, the same week you placed your order.
  • Orders will be doorstep delivery only! No interaction with the customer should be required.
  • Addresses must be a physical civic address and cannot include a rural route address or PO Box number.
  • If a package cannot be delivered for any reason it will be returned to the retailer directly, and the reason for non delivery will be identified.
  • If you live in HRM, your package will be delivered to Take it Outside (TIO) located at 196 Hector Gate, in Dartmouth Crossing. It will be available for pick up during business hours on FRIDAY ONLY from 10am – 8pm. Upon arrival, please notify the staff at TIO that you are utilizing the Truro Colchester Delivery Service and give them your name and package details. They will then retrieve the package for you.
  • There must be a minimum spend of $25/order for the customer to be eligible to utilize the delivery service. If you are shopping from multiple stores, the purchase price must still be a minimum of $25/store.

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Participating stores can be viewed by category below.

Local businesses can access Truro Colchester Delivers

  • Qualifying businesses must be locally owned, small businesses with less than 25 employees.
  • Promote to your customers that they can receive FREE same-week delivery on all orders placed that week (online, phone orders, etc.).
  • Customers must pay in advance; no payment is to be made at delivery.
  • As orders come in, compile a list of the orders, and collect the following information:    Customer name, Phone number, Email, Item description and price before HST
  • Delivery information must also be included.  If the delivery information differs from the customer information, details must include the contact information for the person receiving the package. Please advise the purchaser that this person will be contacted in advance to be notified of a package delivery. To keep it simple for you, please track your weekly orders in the spread sheet attached HERE.   
  • You will need to send the attached spreadsheet to no later than Wednesday at 4pm, every week.  For Tatamagouche businesses, no later than 6pm on Tuesdays.
  • All packages are to be dropped off at the Marigold Cultural Centre between 4pm and 6pm Wednesday evening, every week.  For Tatamagouche businesses the drop off point is the Tatamagouche Farmers Market  between 6pm and 7pm on Tuesdays or 10am and 11am on Wednesdays. 
  • All orders must be pre-packaged, with the customer name, delivery address and special notes clearly identified on the outside of the package. Please fill out the SHIPPING LABEL (attached HERE) and securely attach it to the package. Please reach out to if you would like labels printed off for your business.
  • Please see the list below for a list of delivery item criteria, and also for a list of item exclusions.

Our first delivery run will start Thursday and Friday (November 5th & 6th).  Orders can be taken from now until Wednesday November 4th at 4pm.  If you choose to use this service, please have the order spreadsheet completed and sent to no later than 4pm on Wednesday, November 4th.  Packages must be dropped off at the Marigold Cultural Centre from 4pm – 6pm on Wednesday November 4th, 2020.  

Sporting Goods
Craft/Art Supplies
Specialty Foods/Goods
Non-perishable Natural Foods
Children’s Toys

Hot prepared foods
Large packages (Must fit in a standard passenger vehicle)
Heavy packages >30lbs

For all other inquiries please call (902) 895-9258
The Truro & Colchester Chamber of Commerce has a weekly newsletter featuring  local businesses with online stores and specials*. The list is updated weekly!
Listing in the Chamber newsletter is a FREE service for Chamber of Commerce members. Non-Chamber businesses can also advertise – email the Chamber for more information. 

*Not all Chamber Newsletter businesses participate in the FREE DELIVERY SERVICE as some products are not eligible.